The mission of the Human Services Network (HSN) is to create connections, share information, strengthen providers, and support and advocate for good public policy thus assuring the provision of quality human services in Northern Nevada.

Create Connections

HSN hosts six membership meetings per year with the opportunity to hear local experts on topics which directly relate to the human services community. HSN events bring together providers and their supporters to celebrate our achievements and plan for the future. Participation at events and meetings is a great way to stay connected with your peers and friends in the human services community.

Share Information

The HSN email alert delivers regular and timely information on advocacy efforts, funding and training opportunities, upcoming events, and resources and referrals of interest to the membership. HSN members are able to submit and share items of importance with hundreds of individuals supporting or working in the field of human services.


Good public policy which recognizes the needs of clients and provides adequate resources to support services is essential to improve the quality of life in Nevada. Too often, critical human services programs provided by state and local governments have few advocates. HSN provides a forum for the collective action necessary to make meaningful change in public policy.


A coalition is only as effective as its membership. Success in each of our program areas is dependent on the participation of the full human services community. The more you participate, the more benefit you'll receive as a member. More importantly, it is going to take all of us working together to increase positive impact for our clients and our communities.

Read what some of our members thinkā€¦

HSN provides a perfect forum for sharing information about programs and services. It's impossible for me as an executive director to keep up with everyone in the human services community. When I send out information to the network, I know I'm reaching people who are interested in our work but might not be on my radar screen. Quarterly meetings facilitate relationship building with my peers and expand my network."

Wendy Knorr, Alzheimer's Association

"HSN serves a pivotal role in bringing together human services providers to advocate for better services for their clients. It's crucial to our community and our agencies that we work together to bring about positive political changes and ensure our clients have representation in the political dialogue."

Jon Sasser, Washoe Legal Services

"HSN brings together non-profit, for-profit and governmental human services providers and creates forums to coordinate and improve the services provided in our community. Having a clearinghouse of information is an invaluable tool for both human services providers and community leaders to keep up to date on emerging human services issues."

Anne Cory, United Way


If you have other questions, contact the director of the Human Services Network, Erik Schoen, at 775-847-9311, x102 or at humanservicesnetwork1@gmail.com."