Award Categories


Student Volunteer of the Year

This award comes with a $1500 Scholarship courtesy of Social Entrepreneurs. The award and scholarship are for high school seniors or college students interesting in pursuing a career in human services.

Media Representative of the Year

This award recognizes the impressive efforts of a media representative to understand, highlight and report upon human services issues in our communities.

Politician of the Year

This award is given to someone who demonstrates exemplary efforts as a city, county, state or national politician on behalf of human services and is based on demonstrated achievements.  This category can include individuals with elected or appointed positions.

Board Member of the Year

This award recognizes a Board Member who has excelled in providing leadership for their agency. The recipient was selected because of their commitment, leadership, attendance, knowledge and enthusiasm. 

Staff Member of the Year

This award recognizes an individual who has excelled in their performance as an employee of a public or private non-profit agency providing services to those in need. 

 Administrator of the Year

This award acknowledges an individual in the community who, as an administrator of a public or non-profit human services agency, has excelled in providing leadership for their agency and the human services.

Agency of the Year

This award honors the superior cooperation, quality of services, and community efforts of a local public or private non-profit agency. Selection is based on a demonstrated history of cooperation, communication, assistance, quality services and overall concern for the community as a whole.

HSN Impact Award

This award, previously the ad-hoc “Special Recognition Award”, is for those individuals and agencies who provide essential support to human service organizations but are not easily placed in another category. This award might recognize the contributions of outstanding volunteers, individual philanthropists, or for-profit businesses who partner with human service organizations in ways that have an exponential impact on our staff, clients, and communities.

Mike O’Callaghan Humanitarian Award

This award, named after a beloved Nevada governor and philanthropist, recognizes an exemplary individual who has shown exceptional and outstanding interest, concern, and assistance, both personally and professionally, in the area of human services without need for personal gain or recognition.  This individual has shown a consistent level of outstanding effort and accomplishment on behalf of the people of the Truckee Meadows and beyond.

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